Branch Manager (MT4) - VAF

Listing reference: capbw_001503
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 19 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Asset and Fund Management
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Responsible for the growth of the Vehicle & Asset Finance book in accordance to mandates and policy prescriptions.
Job description

1.    Credit Application/ Assessment
1.1    Assessment of applications
•    Assessment of applications for approval in accordance to manuals against prescribed terms and conditions and mandates as approved by HO Credit
1.2 Policy and Acts Compliance
•    Ensure that credit applications and assessments conform to and comply with Credit Risk Management Model prescriptions and banking policies and the mentioned Credit Agreements Acts
•    Ensure that applications for Credit are approved within the branch mandate as per prescribed mandate letters
1.3 Application Processing 
•    Ensure that applications and submissions for loans exceeding the branch mandate conform to credit application prescriptions and requirements, with few referrals from Head Office.
•    Ensure that applications are correctly completed and submitted at the shortest turnaround time.
•    Ensure that the communication for obtaining all related documentation with regard to Credit Application and FIA is clear and submitted 
•    Responsible for the timely application and approval of requests for dealership and general schemes as introduced in the market
1.4 Achieving the Branch’s Allocated Objectives
•    Ensure that a weighted achievement of a certain percentage of set branch objectives is reached
•    Ensure that a weighted achievement of a certain percentage of set Market Share objectives is reached

2. Credit Quality and Aftercare
2.1 Overdue/Exceeded Accounts – Number
•    Ensure that Total number in arrears as a % of Total Account in arrears do not exceed the set norm of 6.5%
2.2 Overdue/Exceeded Accounts – Amount
•    Ensure that the Total Balance in Arrears as a % of Total Balance of Accounts do not exceed the set norm of 0.45%
2.3 Credit Inspection/ Assessment
•    Ensure that all branch accounts and reports are within the regulated norm and that credit inspection/audit reflects no excesses on reports and BID 2 accounts
2.4 Bad Debt in relation to Total Assets
•    Ensure that the branch’s bad debt in relation to Total Assets is maintained and within the prescribed budgeted amount of the branch’s balance sheet 
2.5 Follow-up of Irregular Accounts
•    Control over the follow up of irregular accounts on a daily basis
•    Control over early identification of high risk arrear accounts and pro-active management of these accounts
•    Assist Manager Collections in the formulation of strategies and driving action plans for the effective management of high risk arrear accounts
2.6    Delivering of O.10’s
•    Control and signing off of O.10’s against the necessary substantiating documentation and motivation and ensure that delivery to Legal Compliance Branch is within the prescribed period

3. Routine Administration
3.1 Correspondence
•    Responsible for written correspondence to clients, dealers and Head Office with regard to daily administration and securities 
3.2 Checking system reports
•    Control over and regulating of system reports to ensure that compliance to Regulations and Policies are maintained
3.3    Monthly Reports
•    Ensure the timeous completion and delivery of reports to Head Office Credit
•    Ensure that reporting of Bank Reconciliations and balancing of Office and General Ledger Accounts are completed and delivered to HO Finance as per requirements
3.4 Routine Inspection Assessment
•    Responsible for achieving 100% assessment upon auditor reviews 
3.5 Expenditure Budget Control
•    Responsible for ensuring that strict control is kept with regard to the expenditure budget
3.6 Cost Recovery Control
•    Responsible for ensuring that staff does cost recovery according to prescriptions
3.7 Maintenance of Office Equipment
•    Ensure that effective control is enforced over use of office equipment and asset register, and that non-operational equipment is immediately reported 
•    Ensure that control measures are upheld in respect to branch neatness and outlook and adherence to brand requirements in this regard
3.8 Extensions, Deferments and Redemptions 
•    Responsible for the recommendation and approval of amendments on existing hire purchases within branch mandate with regard to
1.    Extension of amounts in arrear
2.    Adjustment of instalment dates
3.    Capital redemption
4.    Debiting of accounts with additional amounts granted (loan amount increase)
3.9 Administration of floorplan accounts, schemes as approved and dealers’ incentive commission structures
•    Control over process with regard to the administration, payments, reconciliation and settlements of floor plan accounts, schemes and dealer incentive commission structures
4. Securities Administration
•    Regulation of duties Supervisor Collateral with regard to:
1.    Control of acceptance, transfer and handing over of security documents
2.    Control over and capturing of securities
3.    Follow up and aftercare of Securities
4.    Controls over safe custody of securities
5.    CCD Reporting

5. Customer Focus
 5.1 Customer service
•    Ensure that clients are handled in a professional manner and provided with accurate information, that clients are correctly referred and that no valid complaints have been received
•    Ensure that dealers and suppliers are correctly handled and referred and that complaints are handled in a professional manner in the shortest possible time frame
5.2 Customer Liaison
•    Ensure that there is a continuous liaison process between clients, dealers and both the discounting and Marketing departments to ensure that service levels are upheld
5.3 Aftercare of Dealers
•    Ensure an ongoing follow-up with regard to dealer requirements and possible changes therein as well as constant re-evaluation of dealership approvals to Head Office to maintain relationships
6. Sales Focus
6.1 Marketing
•    Identify cross selling opportunities and refer such opportunities and leads to the correct person or department involved
7. Personnel 
7.1 Application and Utilization of Personnel
•    Ensure that personnel are judiciously applied in appropriate posts and that the workload is cleared with the minimum mistakes and overtime
•    Ensure that staff provide a prompt and effective support service to clients and dealers
7.2 Personnel Training, Development and Facilitation
•    Responsible for effective on-the-job training
•    Responsible for effectively planning and nominating staff for training and development to ensure that sufficient expertise is available to deal with the work
7.3 Evaluation of Personnel
•    The incumbent should have sufficient knowledge of personnel and their duties to do effective evaluation and ongoing discussions must take place and evaluations must be done on a regular basis according to the guidelines of the system
8. General
•    Must be prepared/ willing to do any other reasonable and lawful instruction/task and ensure that it is carried out on time and correct. 
•    Must be willing to work overtime when required

Minimum requirements


·         Knowledge of Products, services, external environment, market and products of competitors

·         Knowledge of the system and processing activities

·         Professional image and grooming

·         Self-confidence and interpersonal skills

·         5 Years experience in a similar environment of which a minimum of 2 years should be at management level

·         Computer literate

·         Analytical skills

·         Product knowledge



  • Credit Diploma with a strong Credit Background
  • Tertiary education an advantage (LDP / B.Comm degree or diploma in Accounting)

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