Executive Officer: Chief Treasurer ( MT8)- Treasury

Listing reference: capbw_001217
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 31 January 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Trading and Brokerage
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
To provide strategic direction to the Treasury Department and manage Bank Windhoek’s Treasury and International Banking activities to ensure sustainability through the management of funding, liquidity, and trading within a sound fi nancial and risk management framework.
Job description

Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

Design and implement the treasury strategy aligned with the Bank’s strategy:
• Optimize the balance sheet structure and funding sources to enhance liquidity, efficient capital 
management, and to improve margins.

• Optimize trading and non-interest income through diversified offerings, customer growth, and 
product development.

• Manage the banks Currency and Trade Finance capabilities to ensure comprehensive cross border 
offering to clients.

• Ensure detailed and comprehensive policies and processes to support and govern the 
treasury strategy.

Manage the Bank’s capital, funding, and liquidity trading:
• Ensure sufficient liquidity and buffer levels to meet operational, regulatory, and strategic 
requirements and optimize returns on surplus funds.

Minimize Bank risks:
• Ensure compliance with risk frameworks to manage, minimize, and mitigate liquidity, market, and 
treasury-related risks. 

Manage client and stakeholder relationships and collaboration:
• Maintain and grow strong investor relationships through excellent, innovative services to clients.

Divisional and people management:
• Lead and manage the treasury team to deliver on set objectives.

Minimum requirements

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in commerce, finance, economics, or investment banking CFA or MBA is advantageous. 


15 years’ treasury and international business experience in a financial services institution, preferably 
within a bank. 

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