Senior Enquiry Clerk ( RB4)- Ondangwa Branch

Listing reference: capbw_001384
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 20 February 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Client Services
Location: Ondangwa
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
To ensure that client enquiries and complaints are handled in a professional and efficient manner. Assisting and advising more junior enquiry clerks and assistant’s to carry out daily tasks in such a manner that customer service is promoted
Job description

·   Customer service
o    Attend to clients, deal with enquiries, provide correct information and refer clients
o    Ensure that more junior enquiry clerks are handling customer enquiries and complaints in a professional and efficient manner
o    Keep up to date with Bank’s products and services
·     Neatness of banking hall and stationery availability
o    Ensure that adequate stationery and promotional material is available for client purposes
o    Ensure that workstation and Banking hall always neat
·     Card and Pin administration
o    Ensure that directives with the processing of a request for a new card, the receiving of cards and pins, handing over of cards, client problems with cards and the handling of retained cards, were adhered to
o    Load Card/ATM/POS limits and amend when necessary
o    Overseas card referrals
o    Ensure correct card and pin balancing takes place every week
·     Cheque Book control
o    Ensure that the ordering, receiving, controlling and handing over of cheque books are done according to directives
·     Updating deposit book register
o    Register to be up to date and balanced with regard to the receiving and issuing of deposit books
·     Carrying out client instructions
o    Ensure that instructions from clients are carried out on time
·     Daily reports
o    Ensure that data capturing errors and warnings are timeously and correctly addressed and rectified
o    Marketing (Identify selling opportunities and refer such opportunities and leads to correct person or department involved)
·     Personnel application and utilisation
o    Personnel to be judiciously utilised and workload to be cleared with minimum mistakes and overtime.
·     Personnel training and development
Plan and conduct formal and on-the-job training effectively so that there is sufficient expertise available to deal with the work.
Must be prepared/willing to do any other reasonable and lawful instruction/task.

•     Customer focus
•     Quality conscious
•     Friendliness
•     Observant
•     Communicating orally
•     Interpersonal sensitivity
•     Teamwork
•     Reliability
•     Assertive
•     Planning and organizing skills
•     Resilience

Minimum requirements


Knowledge of the Bank’s system and processing activities
Professional image and grooming
Self-confidence and interpersonal skills
2 Years general banking experience
Evaluating skills
Product knowledge
Good knowledge of Bank’s procedure manuals
Computer literate (knowledge of Word and Excel) 

Grade 12
A post matric qualification will be an advantage 

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