Head: Sales, Channels and Distribution (MT4)

Listing reference: capbg_000041
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 8 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Other: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Stockbroking
Location: North-East District
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
To provide a strategic management and direction for Channel business. Ensure a unified vision and goals to align business efforts across the different channels. Integrate the approaches of the various channels by developing strategies to grow the business through effective customer service and improve cost. Additionally responsible for managing and developing the sales channels and distribution network for Bank Gaborone. This includes developing and implementing channel and distribution strategies, sales and services campaign as well as managing sales teams, to ensuring the delivery of exceptional customer service.
Job description

1.        Retail Bank Strategy and Policy                                                                                                        (Weight: %)

1.1   Participate in Bank’s strategy development and provide specialized advice in Retail Sales, Channel and Distribution. Formulate the functional strategy and execute.

1.2   Assess and adjust Retail Sales, Channel and Distribution strategy based on market opportunities and expectations, Board Directives, and digitalization drives to create the required value proposition.

1.3   Develop and maintain relevant systems, policies, processes, procedures and monitor operational effectiveness whilst mitigation risks.

1.4   Enforce all risk (regulatory, credit, cash, customer, processes) and compliance standards and requirements in the function.

1.5   Is responsible for all aspects of reporting to all relevant committees on the performance of the function.

1.6   Serves on all relevant committees and provide feedback.


l Generate revenue and driving growth.


2.        Commercial Operations Management                                                                                               (Weight: %)

Detailed Description (INPUT)

2.1   Manage and direct activities in the Sales Channel and Distribution function to ensure growth in number of customers, cross-selling into customer base, focusing on customer acquisition and retention.

2.2   Drive efficient operations and regulatory compliance by developing financial and service delivery performance goals and objectives and monitor results.

2.3   Re-evaluate current operational, cost and management models for Branches, relook and continuously propose reorganization of branch structures to ensure operational effectiveness and met customer needs and Bank objectives and business plan.

2.4   Implement strategies such as using advanced technology to improve offerings and increase revenue generation.

2.5   Lead and direct all branch operations and develop performance goals and objectives and monitor results. Analyze Branch information and ensure the strategy addresses all requirements.

2.6   Innovate processes and systems to enable a seamless customer engagement.

2.7   Consciously curtail non-performing loans to lower bad debts.

2.8   Lead change management initiatives to support the implementation of new sales and distribution strategies, ensuring seamless transitions and minimal disruption to operations.

2.9   Foster a collaborative and high-performance team environment within the sales channels and distribution network, providing coaching, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to team members.

3.0   Analyze market trends, competitor activities, and customer feedback to identify opportunities for product or service enhancements and inform strategic decision-making

3.1   Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the effectiveness of sales and distribution strategies, regularly reporting on progress to senior management.


l Effective execution of retail Sales Channel and Distribution strategy.


3.        Customer Focus                                                                                                                               (Weight: %)

Detailed Description (INPUT)

3.1   Is overall responsibly by leading and driving high-quality service to customers in terms of high-quality service channels, optimizing the customers’ experiences and expectations. Keep up with market expectations.

3.2   Lead product innovation by creating innovative personalized products for various segments and categories of customers.

3.3   Drive detailed market research to understand market opportunities and expectations and to remain relevant. Propose adjustment of retail banking strategy so that Bank gain and sustain its competitive edge.

3.4   Develop and lead a comprehensive customer experience strategy.

3.5   Implement customer feedback mechanisms to gather insights and suggestions for improving products, services, and overall customer experience.

3.6   Collaborate with cross-functional teams to address customer pain points and streamline processes to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3.7   Monitor industry trends and best practices in customer service and experience management, proactively identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement.

3.8   Develop and implement customer retention strategies to minimize churn and maximize customer lifetime value, including targeted retention campaigns and loyalty programs.


l Growth in market share with both interest and non-interest income.

l Customer acquisition and retention.

l Competitive and profitable service offerings.


4.        Risk Management                                                                                                                            (Weight: %)

Detailed Description (INPUT)

4.1   Review and monitor regulatory and compliance frameworks to ensure that Retail Banking, including specialist finance, adheres to the Group’s standards, processes, procedures, and controls.

4.2   Measure, monitor and proactively manage credit and operational risk in a manner that fulfills the Bank’s strategic goals and is in line with the Bank’s Risk Appetite.

4.3   Ensure that the reputation of the Bank is protected and adequately represented.

4.4   Develop and implement strategies to minimize fraud and financial crime risks within sales channels and distribution networks, including the adoption of advanced technologies and enhanced security measures.

4.5   Collaborate with internal audit and compliance teams to ensure that sales, channels, and distribution operations are subject to comprehensive monitoring and oversight, with any identified issues or deficiencies addressed in a timely manner.

4.6   Monitor industry trends and emerging risks in sales, channels, and distribution, proactively identifying potential threats and implementing preventive measures to safeguard the bank's interests.

4.7   Foster a culture of risk awareness and accountability within the sales, channels, and distribution teams, encouraging proactive risk identification and reporting at all levels of the organization.


l Compliance with internal and governmental regulations.


5.        Divisional and People Management                                                                                               (Weight: %)

Detailed Description (INPUT)

5.1   Analyze the business plan to determine applicable deliverables and targets, determine skill requirements as per talent policy framework and relevant human resources policies and procedures. Ensure that all daily operations are carried out in compliance with Regulatory and Bank Standards.

5.2   Is responsible to ensure excellent teamwork and development and that all demonstrated behaviours are aligned with the Bank’s vision and values.

5.3   Drive and engage in retail banking training for staff to ensure risk and complexity of the credit function is sufficiently covered and that their expertise is fully applied.

5.4   Implement process improvements to ensure effective and streamline operations to ensure effective and streamlined operations. Ensure that turnaround time with respect to al functions are honored in terms of agreed SLAs.

5.5   Is responsible together with the Human Capital department, for adhering to all human resources policies and procedures, paying specifically attention to talent management. Oversee and ensure that succession planning is in place.

5.6   Create a customer-centric culture by continuously engaging with the team.

5.7   Lead change management initiatives within the division, effectively communicating organizational changes and ensuring team members are equipped to adapt and thrive in evolving business environments.

5.8   Monitor and manage divisional budgets and resources effectively, ensuring optimal utilization of resources while maintaining cost efficiency and adherence to financial targets.

5.9   Develop and implement strategies to enhance employee engagement and morale, including team-building activities, recognition programs, and opportunities for professional development and training.


l Equitable distribution of responsibilities and accountabilities.

l Appropriate human capacity and full utilization for all projects within Private Wealth.

l Financial health and stability of division.


Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field
  • Master’s Degree in Business an added advatage 
  • COP Long & Short Term
  •       10 years’ experience in business and in retail banking with digital exposure (available technology)
  •         5 years in a senior management position in retail banking
  •       Demonstrated track record of successfully building and managing sales teams, channels, and distribution networks
  • Experience in developing and implementing channel and distribution strategies

  • Business acumen and excellent leadership skills.

  • Excellent decision-making skills.

  • Excellent planning and organization skills.

  • Ability to cope with variety and complexity in portfolio.

  • Strategic and operational thinking skills.

  • Great attention to detail.

  • Ability to analyse sales data and market trends to inform strategy and decision-making

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills with the ability to collaborate and work cross-functionally


  •  Strong organizational and project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities in a fast-paced environment


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