Legal Debt Recovery Advisor (SP7) - Legal Collections Department

Listing reference: capbw_001249
Listing status: Closed
Apply by: 3 February 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Credit Analysis and Risk Management
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Responsible for effective and efficient management and administration of court legal process of the legal collection Branch in compliance with the Bank’s credit policy and procedures in order to manage the non-performing loans.
Job description

Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

  1. Financial Management
·        Assist the Manager: Legal Debt Recovery with the planning and execution of financial targets related to legal collections through managing the court process.
2 Legal Collections
2.1         Collection of debts
·        Overall responsible for effective and efficient implementation of the legal debt collection court process in compliance with the policy, procedures and processes in compliance with the Bank’s credit policy and procedures.
·        Responsible to draft all pleadings and represent Bank Windhoek in courts across a variety of associated proceedings, case planning stage, status hearings, case management hearings, and all stages of the case management process.
·        Maintenance of expert knowledge on relative legislative amendments, industry best practices and provision of proactive advice and solutions to relevant stakeholders.
2.2         Realisation of securities
·        Overall responsible for effective and efficient realisation of all collateral securities ceded to the Bank in line with the Bank’s policy, procedures as well as applicable through the implementation of the legal court process.
2.3         Auctions
·        Ensure that legal process of auctions are duly executed through effectively and efficiently conducted in liaison with clients, other internal and external stakeholders.
2.4         Provision of Legal Collection Services
·        Responsible for analysing data, researching case law, drafting of pleadings to institute legal action on behalf of the Bank and Advising Bank on correct legal procedures for, inter alia, debt collections, liquidations, estates, judicial management and business rescue.
2.5         Legal Support Service
·        Responsible to analysing and advise collateral documentation and advise of legal challenges and correction of any such challenges in legal procedures for, inter alia, debt collections, liquidations, estates, judicial management and business rescue.
3 Relationship Management
·        Responsible for building and enhancing long term working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders including clients, e.g. attorneys, branches, etc.

4.      Compliance, Risk and Support
·           Responsible for effective and efficient management and administration of legal collection internal processes and procedures in order to ensure compliance with the Bank’s risk framework to minimise risk.
·           Partner with other relevant internal stakeholders such as risk department, internal auditing in managing all risks related to legal collections.
·           Provide support and guidance to various stakeholders such as branches, attorneys, etc. on risk matters related to legal collections.
5.      People Management
·           Provide management and leadership capability to the team
·           Develop and re-enforce a performance culture in the team
6.      Routine Administration
·        Overall responsible for effective management and control of all routine administrative activities related to legal collection in the branch in compliance with the Bank’s policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

Core Competencies:
·        Leading and deciding
·        Interacting and presenting
·        Relating and networking
·        Analyzing and Interpreting
·        Organizing and Executing
·        Delivering and meeting customer expectations
·        Planning and organizing
·        Adapting and Coping

Minimum requirements

·           LLB Honours qualification with a minimum 3 years management experience 
·           Admission as a Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Namibia.

Experience/Knowledge & Skills
·        At least 5 years of working experience in the legal environment (debt collection and civil litigation)
·        At least 3 years experience in a legal collection environment.
·        Knowledge of debt collection in a banking environment will be an added advantage.
·        Proficiency in computer user skills

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