Business Banker ( MT2) - Oshakati Branch

Listing reference: capbw_001261
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 17 December 2023
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Corporate Banking
Location: Oshakati
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
The role’s primary purpose is to acquire, retain and expand the personal banking and/or business banking customer segments in their assigned branch. This is achieved through delivering pro-active service and advice according to customer needs and requirements and in compliance with the Bank’s credit policy, and procedures.
Job description

Job description

A) Personal and Business Banking Customer Focus
·  Responsible for proactively understanding the customer’s strategic direction and long-term needs as well as the opportunities and threats to the customers.
·  Responsible for developing and nurturing strategic relationships with customers to ensure that the strategy and business objectives of the Customer and the Bank are achieved.
·  Continually drives and portrays a superior customer-orientated culture.
·  Engages with customers and delivers against customer demands and enquiries.
·  Provide customers with advice where needed and establish and maintain a trusting relationship.
·  Remains accountable for the customer relationship, across all hierarchical levels.
·  Proactively schedules customer meetings and establishes a database of customers’ needs and requirements (including conditions affecting the long-term viability of the business and industry sector).
·  Fosters a professional and responsive relationship with customers and remains the key point of contact between the Bank and the customer.
·  Establishes credibility and overall profitability for the branch and the customer through the skilful application of specialist knowledge relevant to diverse customer environments and requirements.
·  Escalate qualified leads to relevant areas within the Bank.
·  Remains abreast with specialist product and service knowledge for timeous solutions that meet customer needs efficiently.
·  Responsible for utilising information management systems and processes to pre-empt selling opportunities and identify opportunities and threats to the customer and the Bank.

B) General Customer Banking Demands

·  Proactively soliciting new business through cultivating key referral resources and relationship tools and integrating business strategies with the bank's objectives.
·  Ensures that the implications of non/ substandard delivery of the role is understood.
·  Ensures 100% availability of the service and sales support team.
·  Responsible for identifying barriers to business development that emanate from sales and service delivery dissatisfaction, and in collaboration with the branch team develop strategies to overcome such barriers.
·  Ensures that customer confidence is supported by solid delivery of expected benefits, such as cost-efficient finance, improved efficiency of financial administration, and reliability of required service standards.

C) Profitability and Risk Management
·  Ensures that the financial management processes and procedures of Business Banking and Personal Banking are understood and conformed to.
·  Continuouslymakes suggestions to improve and adapt processes for the benefit of customers.
·  Conforms to the Bank’s risk policies and procedures.
·  Monitors markets and preempted risk for both the customers and the Bank.
·  Demonstrates a general understanding of all areas of risk associated with Business Banking and Personal Banking customers, products and services.
·  Responsible for drawing on information and input from reliable sources (network) to determine appropriate strategies to meet customer needs and establish a sound relationship for further business.
·   Proactively protect against loss of key customers to competitors.
·  Works closely with Credit to initiate business deal proposals for new facilities, or facility modifications that require the assessment of the credit or other risks and motivates the deal with insightful information regarding business strengths and vulnerabilities.
·  Ensures that final sign-off on all credit facilities granted is retained.
·  Proactively and timeously identifies potential problem accounts and formulates and implements appropriate risk mitigating strategies.

D) People Management
·  Interface with other colleagues and bank officials to ensure ongoing communication with existing and future customers.
·  Sufficient knowledge of staff and their duties to effectively manage inter-relationship between customers and the employees of the bank.
·  Responsible for coaching junior business banking and/or personal banking staff in all aspects of his/her work.
·   Ensures team communication is open and ongoing

Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in financial services field or equivalent


• 3-5 years general banking experience, 
• Business and consultative sales experience
• Knowledge of products, services and credit principles
• Excellent customer relationship track record
• Computer literacy essential (Word, Excel)
• Budgeting and planning skills.
• Excellent leadership skills
• Excellent interpersonal relationship skills
• Skill in analysing and evaluating financial information.
• Passion to work with numbers

Additional Information

• No criminal and credit record
• Valid Driver’s license is essential

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