Head: Property Finance ( MT5)- Property Finance Branch

Listing reference: capbw_001500
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 12 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Client Services
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Overall accountable and responsible for the performance Property Finance portfolio and routine management of the Branch as per set objectives in the Balanced Scorecard. The individual is expected to provide thought leadership and expert advice with regards to the different components in the property portfolio bank wide. In this role the individual will also be responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Branch in compliance with the Bank’s policies and procedures. Provide management and leadership capability to the Branch by optimizing resources and effectively managing risks to achieve the Bank’s objectives.
Job description

1. Financial Management
1.1 Develop forecasts, financial targets and business plans for the branch.
1.2 Responsible for strategy, planning, management, and execution of the Branch’s budget.
1.3 Balance Sheet
• Advances growth as per set targets
1.4 Income Statement
• Profit growth as per set targets
1.5 Bad debt
• Bad debt Management as per set targets (Recoveries & Rehabilitation)
1.6 Interest Income
• Interest income growth as per set targets
• Correct pricing
• Net Interest Margin management
1.7 Non-Interest Income 
• Non-Interest income growth as per set targets
1.8 Expenses
• Expense monitoring
• Effective cost recovery
• Cost containment
2. Strategic Planning
2.1 Establish strategic activities, to ensure delivery of the Bank’s key strategic objectives.
2.2 Establish Sales Initiatives aligned to Action Plans.
2.3 Refine the operating model to ensure improved turn-around times, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
3. Customer Focus
3.1 Design a Customer Service & Stakeholder Engagement relationship model.
3.2 Customer Acquisition.
3.3 Customer Retention.
3.4 Establish Cross-sell and Up-sell opportunities.
3.5 Effective management of Customer complaints and Continuous improvement of customer service.
4. Relationship and Stakeholder Management
4.1 Build long-term working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.
4.2 Enhance and maintain a working relationship with existing clients and employer companies.
4.3 External Stakeholder relationship management.
4.4 Overall responsible for the CRM model in the Branch.
5. Management of Sales
5.1 Introduce and manage Housing schemes with Corporate clients for the Bank.
5.2 Identify potential growth areas for the branch and analyze trends and competitive environments.
5.3 Overall accountable for the designing and execution of sales plan for the branch.
5.4 Develop and reinforce a proactive sales culture in the branch.
5.5 Conduct workplace banking presentations.
5.6 Promote the cross-sell of Bancassurance products and provide leads of other bank products.
5.7 Conduct Weekly and Monthly sales meetings and manage targets daily.
6. Credit Management
6.1 Ensure effective and efficient management and administration of credit activities in compliance with the Bank’s credit policy and procedures to contain credit risks as per BSC.
6.2 Housing Schemes: Control of Bank’s Housing Schemes countrywide and conduct periodic reviews of approved limits and facilities.
6.3 Fully Guaranteed Schemes: Control of Bank’s Pension Schemes countrywide and conduct periodic reviews.
7. Collateral Management
Ensure effective and efficient management and administration of collateral/securities in compliance with the Bank’s credit policy as well as rules and regulations to minimize risk and legal implications to the organisation.
8. Operational Risk and Support
Ensure effective management of internal processes and procedures in compliance with the Bank’s operational manuals and circulars to minimize operational risk.
9. People Management
9.1 Provide management and leadership capabilities in the Branch.
9.2 Ensure effective workforce planning and people capacity requirements for the branch.
9.3 Overall responsible for performance and talent management in the branch.
9.4 Create a productive environment in which staff members can rotate to upskill and do on the job training.
9.5 Promote training of staff to remain competitive.
9.6 Infusion of new skills: Ensure that personnel are judiciously applied in appropriate positions for delivery of excellent customer service.
9.7 Succession Planning: Identification and management of succession program.
9.8 Performance Management: Embedding a performance management culture and regular performance appraisals within the branch.  
9.9 Self-Development: Self-development against own PDP.
9.10 People-Development: Support staff in their development by ensuring compilation of PDP.  
10. Project Development, Administration and Marketing
10.1 Overall management of Project Development loans.
10.2 Regular liaising with developers.
10.3 Checking and signing off progress payments.
10.4 Inspection of development sites in collaboration with the Valuator.
10.5 Interview of clients in cooperation with Corporate & Institutional Banking department.
10.6 Presentation of applications to the Board Credit Committee (BCC).
10.7 Report the status of development projects to Credit department.
11. Risk/ Controls, Processes and Systems

11.1 Credit Risk Management
a) Effective credit risk management
b) Management of Credit in terms of the Credit Branch Manager
11.2 Branch Operations Management
a) Effective operational running of the branch.
b) Branch Performance assessments.
11.3 Submitting of Client FIA Documentation
a) FIA documents submitted and processed within agreed turnaround times.
b) Average turnaround time to submit and process FIA.
c) Remain within targets and FIA all clients with new accounts daily.
d) Management of FIA progress report.
11.4 Management of UBO legacy accounts
Ensure rectification of legacy accounts to ensure compliance.
11.5 Risk Management Frameworks and Structure
a) Risk monitoring – Risk registers/ risk and control self-assessments reviewed quarterly.
b) Compliance with defined processes and adherence to requirements of policies, processes, and procedures.
c) Completion of internal control questionnaires and monitoring through loss events reports as well as reports from Management Assurance report.
11.6 Management Assurance
a) The Effective management of branch operations in terms of policy and procedures.
b) The latest results from Management Assurance Report
12. General
The incumbent should be prepared and willing to do any other reasonable and lawful instruction / task and it should normally be carried out on time and correct.

Minimum requirements

13. Minimum requirements

13.1 Qualifications
a)    Grade 12 and a Degree in a commercial field with 6 years’ banking/business experience or equivalent of which 3 years should be at management level.
b)    Any additional specialized property and/or project management qualifications will be an added advantage.
13.2 Expertise/Knowledge/Skills

a)    Adequate knowledge of Property Finance products and services, Credit principles, Business ethics, Proactive Sales, Project Management; Relationship Management, and Administration.
b)    Computer literacy essential (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

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