Head: Management Accounting ( MT5) - Finance Department

Listing reference: capbw_001501
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 12 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Cost Accounting
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Responsible for the management and control of the management accounting processes within the bank. The position is also responsible for the extraction and assessment of data, identifying interdependencies and relationships from the data, and reporting of relevant financial information to inform decision-making.
Job description

Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

1.    Management and Cost Accounting

•    Prepare and interpret the management accounts for the business. This includes the provision of financial / quantitative data, as well as non-financial information, to enable effective scorekeeping, cost control, planning, pricing and management decision-making.
•    Manage and control costs and expenditure for the Bank. This includes identifying cost drivers, direct costs, hidden costs, contingent liability costs and less tangible costs to support management decision-making in the effective and appropriate management and control of costs.
•    Identify and analyse industry trends regarding operating cost structures and cost efficiencies / economies of scale. 
•    Prepare analyses and recommendations in order to influence pricing structures to improve margins and revenue streams.
•    Monitor pricing policy compliance and adherence, including the co-ordination of pricing committee meetings, submissions and related matters.
•    Monitor fee recovery for all revenue streams.
•    Investigate, assess and perform impact calculations of new revenue streams.
•    Investigate alternative cost structures and solutions to optimise financial returns.
•    Ensure that financial reports for business units are prepared and distributed in a timely manner.
•    Ensure that feedback on financial queries received from internal stakeholders is provided in a timely matter.
•    Assists with the development and integration of new and optimised Management Information Systems.
•    Responsible for preparing the monthly and quarterly reporting to the Executive Management Team, the Executive Committee and the Board, including the relevant Board Committees.
•    Responsible for project finance management and reporting. 

2.    Special Projects
•    Responsible for the preparation and interpretation of viability studies to assist Management to assess the financial performance criteria for new project proposals, including product pricing and joint venture cost and profitability analyses.
•    Provide pre- and post-implementation evaluations of new and existing projects to confirm financial feasibility/outcomes.
3.    Financial Planning and Budgeting
•    Prepare the annual budgets, revised estimates and rolling financial forecasts for the bank and its subsidiaries. 
•    Prepare and execute financial models in order to perform “what if” forecasting scenarios and financial options based on changing variables.
•    Measure and monitor the actuals against budget to assess progress and to identify problem / risk areas and / or growth opportunities.
4.    Personnel Management
•     Manage the team to ensure that work standards and quality work output targets are achieved and maintained;
•    Establish clear and consistent work measures for the team;
•    Manage the performance contribution of staff against clear and established measures/ targets;
•    Recognise and reward outstanding performance;
•    Identify and manage poor performance (in line with the poor performance code) providing an opportunity for corrective steps to be taken to rehabilitate performance;
•    Proactively share knowledge, coach and mentor the team;
•    Identify strengths and weaknesses and provide staff with the appropriate training to improve skills;
•    Actively build and encourage collaborative team relationships to help accomplish team goals; and
•    Actively supports employment equity by utilising diversity to the benefit of the team and customers. Ensure that all team members and customers/ suppliers are treated with equal respect and dignity.
5.    Key Relationship Interfaces: (Relationships with key parties on work related issues)
Internal Relationships  and    External Relationships:
•    Executive Management Team 
•    Board Audit Committee
•    All business units and support departments/functions
•    All staff    
•    Bank of Namibia
•    Auditors
•    External Stakeholders

Minimum requirements

  • Chartered Accountant (CA) with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience.
  •  Certified Management Accountant (CIMA) or MBA will be an added advantage. 
  • At least 8 years working experience in the financial accounting field of which 4 years should have been at a managerial level

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