Manager: Credit (MT2) - Capricorn Private Wealth

Listing reference: capbw_001534
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 24 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Other: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Stockbroking
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
Remuneration: Market Related
EE position: No
Accountable for effective administrative management of the credit facilities in compliance with the Bank’s credit policy and procedures and containment of credit risk as per BSC, as well as administration and management of the credit area in compliance with the Banks rules and regulations to minimize risk and legal implications to the organization.
Job description

Credit Application / Assessment
Assessment of Applications
•    Assessment of applications for approval in accordance to manuals against prescribed terms and conditions and mandates as approved by HO Credit
Policy and Acts Compliance
•    Ensure that credit applications and assessments conform to and comply with Credit Risk Management Model prescriptions and banking policies and the mentioned Credit Agreements Acts
•    Ensure that applications for Credit are approved within the bank mandate as per prescribed mandate letters
Application Processing 
•    Ensure that applications and submissions for loans exceeding the bank mandate conform to credit application prescriptions and requirements, with few referrals from Head Office.
•    Ensure that applications are correctly completed and submitted at the shortest turnaround time.
•    Ensure that the communication for obtaining all related documentation with regard to Credit Application and FIA is clear and submitted 
•    Responsible for the timely application and approval of requests for dealership and general schemes as introduced in the market
Credit Administration
•    Approval of credit applications, with reference to risk factors:
    Financial analysis
    Financial structuring
    Credit evaluation and assessment
•    Ensure that the excess memorandum is submitted to centralised Credit Office
•    Responsible for preparing reports and standard statements 
•    Responsible for ensuring that contracts are complete and legally correct 
•    Accountable for costs recovery in accordance with the prescribed guidelines
•    Responsible for achieving credit control assessment targets / audit
•    Approval of all applicable documentation for overdraft facilities: existing customers
 Cost recovery
•    Responsible for ensuring that costs and revenue stamps are recovered in accordance with the officially approved tariff structure. 
Customer Focus
•    Responsible for professional client relationship management for loan accounts
Sales Focus
•    Responsible for identifying cross-selling opportunities.
5.    Competencies
(To be completed by Group Human Resources)
Deciding and Initiating Action
Leading and Supervising
Adhering to Principles and Values
Writing and Reporting
Applying Expertise
Planning and Organising
Delivering Results
Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking 

Minimum requirements

Relevant Diploma/Degree
•    At least 5 years general banking, especial credit experience 
•    Knowledge of Products and Services
•    Knowledge of Business & Administration Procedures
•    Knowledge of Credit principles
•    Computer literacy essential (Word, Excel)
•    Excellent Leadership skills
•    Excellent interpersonal relationship skills
•    Budgeting and planning skills.

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